Optical Flow with OpenCV

So I wanted to play with video in OpenCV and also to get started with motion tracking. Capturing video in OpenCV is made simple. Below is a snippet of code to capture and play video in C++. VideoCapture capture; if (argc > 1) capture.open(argv[1]); else capture.open(0); if (!capture.isOpened()) { printf(“Video not opened”); return -1; } … Continue reading

OpenCV – understanding the IplImage data type

In the last post we looked at loading and displaying an image. Something very simple and basic. Today we’ll explore the IplImage type we used earlier. IplImage is really a matrix with a header. In fact the type cvMat is¬†interchangeable¬†with IplImage. Actually that’s partially true. imageData of IplImage is used to create a cvMat object. … Continue reading

Raspberry Pi + OpenCV demo

Here’s a demo application which opens an image and prints out its height, width, steps and number of channels. It is fairly simple to follow. cvLoadImage() is used to open an image. This function returns a pointer (denoted by asterisk) to the location of memory containing the image. The image is of type IplImage. Using … Continue reading


Raspberry Pi Security Monitor Project – Take 2

So this is my second attempt at working on a security system project with my Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately, my first attempt was abandoned due to holidays and I never picked it back up after coming back. So here goes attempt 2! As before I’m using a Raspberry Pi Model B 256MB RAM (old model) with … Continue reading


Raspberry Pi Security System Project

Earlier I posted my intention to build a simple security system using Raspberry Pi and a webcam. I had a bit of time to think about it now so here are my thoughts. For hardware, I will be using USB Webcam for video capture. In terms of software, I’m aware there are a few open … Continue reading

  • by Atharva Inamdar