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Microsoft sending Trojan Horse in to Nokia?

Recently at Mobile World Congress, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop was delivering a speech, was asked a very short yet controversial question. “Are you a trojan horse?” Elop quickly defended himself and denied the possibility.

It was common knowledge that Elop had been at Microsoft prior to joining Nokia in September 2010. Four months later he pulls in Microsoft with Windows Phone 7 and scraps most of Nokia’s software efforts. I am not suggesting whether this was an intentional move or not but simply stating what occurred.

Before this journalist questioned Elop, there was little or none discussion on this. But only a day later, Nokia hires Microsoft’s Corporate VP of US Enterprise & Partner Group, Chris Weber (left) to become President of Nokia Inc USA and head of Markets in North America.

Surprising move? A strategy by Microsoft? You decide.

Source: TechCrunch, Gizmodo.


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