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What is BI & DW?

Business Intelligence refers to the techniques used in gathering, identifying, extracting and analysing business data. Business data, for example can be revenues, adoption of a product or can be data related to a process such as manufacturing.

The aim is to provide business users a set of self service tools to easily analyse the raw data for decision making. The whole field revolves around being able to make decisions swiftly by looking at historic, current and future trends.

To facilitate this, some tools are essential. Data Warehouse is one of them. Data Warehouse means exactly that, a vast data store, organised on such a way as to deliver he required data to the users on demand and with the ability for the user to build custom views and reports on top.

BI is a fast growing field in various industries such as information technology, manufacturing, financial services and even the services ( travel and retail, etc. ) industry. Business rely on understanding their customer, market trends and predicting the future trends to base heir business decisions.

In the next post we will look at the tools available to build BI solutions and explore some of the concepts.

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A new direction

I know my blog has been quiet for a while and I’ve been very busy. Now I aim to write a post on a fairly regular basis.
My topic of choice is Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. A completely different topic to what this blog has been about.

However I will start off easy with basic concepts and hen dice deeper with more advanced topics and implementation examples.

The first post in the series will be published soon.

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