Technology is a new interface to mail. Think of mail as a social activity and having an interface similar to some of the social networks. The landing page is your News Feed or Stream showing all your mail in Inbox. doesn’t take away any functionality of a mail client, so all labels, starring, marking as un/read still function as intended. Interestingly, Replies and forwards work similar to replying or sharing a post. So as standard, replies are at the bottom and forwards are through a drop-down menu on each item/email. The drop-down menu on each post also allows to marks it as Spam, or Un/Read and also to apply labels to it.

There is a navigation bar which shows your accounts and for each account has 6 basic menu items: Inbox, To-do list, Starred Mail, Attachments, All Mail and Labels. Two things that stand out are the to-do list and Attachments.

To-do list is exactly what it says but similar to MS Outlook, in mail items can be marked as to-do (or Follow-up in Outlook terms). So this is where you will see all the to-do items.

Attachments menu on the other hand is a great idea. collects all the attachment from all your emails and displays them under this tab. So you will see all your photos, documents, videos and other attachments here. It makes searching for attachments easy. It also provides you with a filter option on the type of attachment.

Here are some screenshots of Google+



I think this is a good start to redefining our traditional mail clients. currently only works with GMail and unfortunately, is not accepting any new accounts. There is a demo you can try out.

If you have come across any other mail clients which are trying to change the interface, please drop a comment below.

Have fun!


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