Developing for Raspberry Pi

I received my Raspberry Pi in the post recently. I was very excited to play around with it. When my order was still with RS, I thought I would install XBMC and use the RPi as a media centre.

When it arrived, I immediately installed Debian Wheezy and XBMC. I configured the display (resolution, overscan, etc) by following various online tutorials. This was great! But not exciting. Someone had already compiled XBMC and I was simply installing it with a few commands.

I then started learning perl. I used the RPi for this. This felt good. Achieving something. But I still wanted to do more.

I had a project in mind for a while and now I’m thinking I should make use of my RPi for it. The project is a simple security system with a single camera used for recording video and sending alerts when motion is detected.

I have not thought of the details yet, but I’m writing this post just to commit myself to doing it. I guess the first step is to find a USB webcam and get it working with RPi.

Wish me luck and I will keep you posted.


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