Raspberry Pi + OpenCV demo

Here’s a demo application which opens an image and prints out its height, width, steps and number of channels.


It is fairly simple to follow. cvLoadImage() is used to open an image. This function returns a pointer (denoted by asterisk) to the location of memory containing the image. The image is of type IplImage. Using this, the height, width and other properties can be extracted. The image itself can be accessed by img->imageData however this returns uchar* . To display an image first a window needs to be created using cvNamedWindow(). cvShowImage() is used to display the image in the window with the specified name. The printf() statement is a standard C++ statement and displays the data.

cvWaitKey(0) is used to listen for a key press. Zero is used to wait indefinitely. This function returns an integer corresponding to the pressed key, however we are not interested in this for the demo. Once it is time to exit, we need to clean up the memory used by our program. First is the destroy the window using cvDestroyWindow(). cvDestroyAllWindows() can also be used if you want to close multiple windows. Lastly, we need to release the memory which holds our image using cvReleaseImage().

The OpenCV reference can be found here:

I have made the code and binary for the demo available at: Demo Files

In the next post I’ll be exploring the IplImage structure and how to work with individual pixels.

Please note the functions mentioned above don’t show any input parameters, this is done to keep the text readable. Please look up the exact syntax on the reference link above.


The code here is actually C code not C++ as previously mentioned. I thought I’d update this to avoid confusion. If C++ is to be used, the libraries in the include statements would be highgui.hpp etc and the functions will be different like cvShowImage() is replaced with cv::imshow(). The source code file has extension cpp but it doesn’t really matter.


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