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Raspberry Pi Security Monitor Project – Take 2

So this is my second attempt at working on a security system project with my Raspberry Pi.

Unfortunately, my first attempt was abandoned due to holidays and I never picked it back up after coming back. So here goes attempt 2!

As before I’m using a Raspberry Pi Model B 256MB RAM (old model) with Raspbian OS. I’m still going to use OpenCV but this time updating the version to 2.4.3 . I chose to build OpenCV from source rather than getting the pre-built packages from aptitude.

Compiling the library was simple but long process. you can follow either the guide on OpenCV wiki or from MitchTech blog. The Mitchtech blog has a cleaner easier to follow instructions as it deals only with Raspberry Pi (Unix install).

The process to compile took several hours so I suggest you let it run overnight or go watch a movie in the mean time.

After it successfully compiled, running “make install” didn’t take long. then you are pretty much ready to go.

Initially, I looked at using Python for working with OpenCV but soon I found limitations as the python wrapper hasn’t been updated since OpenCV 2.1 (I believe). I have read elsewhere on the internet that an updated wrapper is coming soon. So I’m going to use C++. This is exciting because I get to use pointers. Nowadays with C# and Java and other languages developers don’t use pointers and don’t perform memory management themselves. This is good opportunity to further my knowledge of pointers and get familiar (again) with C++.

I have installed this last night and today I’ll be playing around to get basic image manipulation working. I need a refresher as it has been 2 years since I last used OpenCV and C++!

Will be posting an update soon!


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