About me

I am a graduate from Imperial College London and have received a Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Management (MEng). My academic interests lie in Computing, Networking, Digital Signal Processing, Sensing & Communication systems.

I have experience in Software and Hardware fields. Previously I’ve held positions as Lab technician at Intertek, an Analyst at Goldman Sachs and even a Ride operator at a Theme park.

With software I have worked with various languages and technologies. In Academia I have experience in Matlab, Pascal, C/C++/C#.NET, and further in the industry with ASP.NET, Javascript and SQL.

My other interests are in business and finance. Project Management, Innovation management and global business intrigue me.

As you may have guessed blogging is one of my hobbies. Being a techie, I mostly blog about technology news but now and then something about business or management. My other hobbies include Karate, Salsa and Basketball.