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Japan’s Nuclear reactors Safe

There is a very informative and detailed description of how Nuclear power plants operate. The author who is an experienced operator at a nuclear plant explains the events occurring since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
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Source: Morgsatlarge – Blogorific

Japan’s strict laws and exceptional technology may have saved hundreds of lives in the wake of recent double disaster. In Japan, other than fire drills, it is mandatory to carry out earthquake and tsunami drills. It is said that a lot of the population followed these drills and previously reported missing people have turned up at local schools, centres as their assembly point in the evacuation/drill.

It is not only the drills that saved lives, Japan’s construction industry has strict regulations on the characteristics of its high rise buildings. The buildings are designed to be stiff rather than being flexible like the western constructions. Each building is also fitted with shock absorbers in its foundations and in its structure. They help dissipate the energy from earthquakes into the surroundings and also counter act the sway of the building.

Source: New York Times